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Two Different Assessors With Different Assessments Affects Property Taxes

Two Different Assessors Affecting Property Taxes

Is it possible to have two different assessors give two different assessments of two same properties? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Even though assessors come from guidelines, everyone sees something different. One assessor may see your property as a little run down and assess a lower value while another assessor assessing a property express close in looks and structure to your property may see it as worth the money and consign a higher value. This in turn causes confusion for property owners. Even though they follow the same guidelines, their tastes are different and results in two different assessment values.

If you would find this discrepancy, one thing to do would be to discuss it with the assessors or find a third party assessor and have him or her assess both properties and see what the final results are and how if any they change. This would be something to consider if you are thinking about appealing your property taxes. Another way to play past paying for a third party assessor would be to ask the same assessors to assess each other's properties to see if they differ. This probably will not occure, but it is worth it to ask.

When using this information in an appeals case, you would want to have all three assessments and other assessments that were done the same way your assessment was done. The committee looking at the assessments may see a problem with having two assessors assessing the same so to speak properties. If this news or findings would spread throughout the community, the registrar's office could see more traffic than the berth office on the last life of the tax season. It could prove to be a nightmare that the community would want to avoid.

Two different assessors with two different assessments of properties are going to affect property taxes for all property owners. The only way to ig such a commotion would be to have one assessor, or have multiple assessors and advise the community of this fact and let them settle if they need to check their report and others that match their properties to see if they may have a reason to request an appeal. This would be the detached way to make machine even. If a property owner does not wish to cut the time to compare, it is their decision and they made it, it was offered which is only fair.

Keep in mind that different assessors may have also gained entry into the home while another may not have had access. This does play an important role in assessing a property, although it real should not. If you decorate your property to be elegant and admit a higher assessment from the other property owner, you might point alien, that if you move, it will just be another down shell of a property. This might just work when you are touring the property with the court as they evaluate your property, but may not work in an appeals process.


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