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Are You Entitled To A Property Tax Reduction

Are You Entitled To A Property Tax Reduction

If you bought your house for $79, 000 dollars nine years ago and have never done any work or repairs, is your property still worth the assessed expense of $106, 000? More than likely, the property is not worth that much for a home built in the early 1900's. To be honest with yourself, you have to survey at other houses with the same age and structure to see if you are paying to much money for property tax.

A property tax reduction is not for easy to obtain, as one would think. If a mortgage appraiser over powerful the fair market value price of your home so you could get the refinancing. Could this affect your assessed value? It might not abandon a big part in the assessed value, but it is outright when rendering the final assessment.

If your fair market value is $105, 000 and it was overly appraised, when you try to sell it, you are going to lose money and still have a balance due on a mortgage payment. If a reputable appraiser says your property is unrivaled worth $80, 000 then you are not going to receive $105, 000 for that property. If you property taxes are assessed for a cave help $105, 000 and the property is only worth $80, 000 on the marketplace, you need to find a tax reduction and quick. You are over paying your taxes by hundreds of dollars in most cases.

The best system to find the true value of your property is to have an appraiser come in, do a full inspection, and give you a report. If this report shows your property is lower than the assessed price and the fair market value, you have something to present to a taxing committee. If you avoid doing this, trying to sell a property that is over exaggerated in price is not going to be easy and when they pierce the property taxes, potential buyers could decide this is a bad deal.

You should always try to have an assessed value and a fair market value close in range. If it is, then your property taxes should be objective. If the values are extremely different, you need to rectify the issue as soon as you can or you will continue over paying the property taxes. Appealing the property tax bill is one way to see a property tax reduction.

A property tax reduction also comes from applying for a different status on your property tax bill. If you bought a two family home and converted it into a distant - family home, you are entitled to a reduction in property taxes, only if you did not increase the value of the property. Single at rest and two family properties have different tax rates. You can have this adjusted by visiting the taxing authority and filling out the paperwork to change the classification of the property. Once this is accept by the committee, your property will be reassessed and a different tax rate will be used to determine your new property tax liability.


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